Request for Proctor Approval Form 

Welcome to the remote proctor request page.

This form will step you through the process of setting up your remote proctor.
This form is now closed. The deadline for filing a remote proctor request was Dec. 7, 2014.
For assistance, please call Hector Noriega at 305-237-3873

Exam Center The proctor can be a Testing Department/Center staff (preferred) or faculty members of accredited colleges or universities, high school counselors and principals, human resources and educational training staff members, commercial testing centers like Sylvan and Kaplan, and military educational officers.

Your classmate, co-worker, relative or friend is NOT a qualified proctor and may NOT proctor exams.

Examinations must be administered in an educational or professional environment such as a classroom or the proctor's office. Any test proctored in a private residence will be deemed invalid. 
The MDC Virtual College will have final approval on proctor selection. 

If you select to locate your own proctor, you must provide contact information for the proctor and your request must be approved by the Virtual College. You MUST complete this form prior to your exam to allow time to approve your proctor.

Virtual College proctored exams are computer exams. Make sure your proctor is able to administer computer based exams.