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   Proctored Exam Dates
   For Spring 2020  Exams

MDC Online Students:.
All courses are assigned a specific testing window.
Students must check their syllabus/calendar/course for specific testing dates
and other important information.

Proctored Exams may be taken in three possible ways  (Links will open in a new window.):

  1. Students living within Dade County may take their exams at a MDC Testing Center.

  2. Students may take their exams remotely, from home or office, through  Proctor U.

  3. Students living outside of Dade County can use any other remote proctor center (at another college or commercial testing center, but they must request approval for a remote proctor. Remote Proctor Request Form.

Need to know the dates for your proctored assessment(s)?
NOTE: First 8-Week and all 16-Week  Proctored Exam data is posted.

Enter a course Reference Number (If your course is ENC1101-2183-10465,  just enter the course ID number: 10465) in the box below and select NEXT. If you have more than one course, you will need to repeat the process.
If your course does not show, you may not have a proctored assessment during this window. It is always a good idea to confirm your proctor exam situation and your testing dates with your instructor.

Enter a Reference Number
Numbers only.