Blended Courses

This Spring, MDC will begin offering blended courses. Blended courses combine the best elements of traditional face-to-face instruction with the best aspects of distance education.

What is a blended course?

Blended courses have reduced in class time, supplemented by the use of an online Learning Management System, ANGEL. For example, the course may meet face to face every Tuesday and the rest of the course is delivered online. The online coursework can be done anytime within the week and from any computer with internet access.

Do blended courses cost more than face-to-face courses?

Tuition for blended courses is the same as face-to-face courses.

How can I register for a blended course?

You register for a blended course the same way you register for any face-to-face course. There are no special permissions required. All blended courses will have a note stating it is a blended course. The face-to-face class time will be shown and the online class time will be listed as Web-TBA.

Once I have registered for a blended course, how do I access the online portion of my class?

Your blended courses will be accessible at You will log on to ANGEL using your myMDC ID (ex: jane.doe001) and password. If you do not have a myMDC Account, you can create one from the MDC Student Account page.

Once you have logged on, you will see a listing of the course(s) you are registered for.

Is the textbook the same as the face-to-face class?

Some blended courses use a different textbook. Ensure you purchase the book for the reference number of the course in which you are registered.

For additional information on blended courses, please contact the assigned instructor. For technical support using ANGEL, contact the Virtual College Help Desk at or 305-237-3800.